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The Struggle for a Better Future by Thorsten U. Reinhardt is a biography of the Reinhardt family and how they are fighting against the odds and trying to create a better future. Their story begins with Thorsten’s father. We learn that he comes from a very poor German family and by some luck and determination, he goes to college and gets a quality education. 5star-shiny-webWith that education and determination, he started his own software company which managed the documents and finances of other companies. For some years, things were really good and he started grooming Thorsten to handle the family business in the future.

But when a friend betrayed them, they lost it all. However, they did not let go of their determination and hope for a better future. Instead of curling up and crying, they came up with a new plan and tried to see it through.

Their plan was to build a modern, advanced plane with a revolutionary engine, but that needed resources and their own meager funds were not enough for a plan so big. They searched for partners, only to be deceived. With his father’s health failing, Thorsten should have backed down.

But he didn’t and this is their story of courage and hope in the face of failure and deceit.This is a truly inspirational story and since the Reinhardt family is still trying to make their dream come true, I am happy that there will be another book to tell us what happens next. This is a delightful book of courage, so much courage. I admire these men for being so hopeful, even when they were very poor. I enjoyed reading their story; it brought me to tears and it made me laugh. I loved it.

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