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Clean and Affordable Energy is the prerequisite for food, transport, education, very importantly ECONOMIC GROWTH and SECURITY as well as many others. However, fossil fuels are running low and we need to make better use of our resources to be able to satisfy the increasing demand of Energy over time until viable alternatives are available.

More than 60% of this energy is wasted in heat blown into the air. Current efficiency levels range between 30 to 40% in ideal, yet rare circumstances. More than 50% of this amount can be used to ensure strategic oil reserves for the future.

Reinhardt-TurbineThe RT captures the wasted heat and turns it into Energy, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and contamination. It operates on an integrated combined cycle system (of integrated gas and steam cycle) where pistons run within pistons making the process of generating energy more efficient. Initially the efficiencies of this approach lie at 55% and over 75% through a development path.

Additionally, the RT does not run on heavy crankshafts, but on cost- effective Sinus discs that enable a cluster/modular-based operation. This means that the Energy output accumulates as additional engine modules are added to the system.


This results in the RT being more compact in size, lighter in weight, scalable in power output, flexible in distribution and higher in fuel-efficiency.

The Reinhardt Turbine generates energy when and where it is needed; within transportation such as, cars and trucks, but also on a home-based-level, in rural areas, where access to infrastructure is scarce or non-existent cities, industries and villages can also implement the RT.

The RT forms a vital component of the TU523 as it supplies the aircraft’s electric turbines with required energy for take off, landing as well as throughout the aircraft’s flight.