Ready, Steady, Fund!

Ready, Steady, Fund!

By In Message from our CEO On February 13, 2017

With having had a somewhat troubling experience with crowdfunding in the past, I thought that it would not be an option for me in the future.

Sure! The crowdfunding campaign resulted in a lot of PR and articles to be written about our vision but the administrative work before the campaign could go live was overwhelming and the paperwork necessary after we successfully achieved our Goal was a challenge, with several SEIS forms to be filled out by hand, chasing investors for their money whilst juggling the project.

Only a few weeks after we were funded, my father, with whom I have always been working on this project, amongst others, passed away and it seemed all too much for me at the time.

With a big emotional and physical downfall in late 2015, I was able to reflect on what has happened and reassemble the shattered pieces to come out of “depression”. Writing my book “The Struggle For A Better Future“, helped me a lot with that and over the past year now I have been inspired like never before.

I have reevaluated my position on crowdfunding and since December 2016 have been actively working on launching a new campaign on with the objective to build our biggest yet prototype with the capability to identify its shipping container according to a manifest, land on and connect to it, in order to delivered it to a predefined location.

As a result, I would like to give crowdfunding another chance, while trusting the crowd to understand, my vision that I would like to see realize.

Last week, I was able to view the first cut of our video that was filmed as part of this campaign but also to touch on the heritage of this mighty project.

I was truly overwhelmed with what was achieved in this short, 3-minute video and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. The video and the memories it brought back caused me to tear up and whatever the outcome, I am very grateful for the excellent work Smugshot have done.

I believe to have an enormous amount of faith and determination but I cannot do it without you…

My crowdfunding campaign will commence shortly, so stay tuned for all the details to be revealed and I hope to have your support!