Hidden Destiny Pt.2

Hidden Destiny Pt.2

By In Blog, Message from our CEO On October 31, 2016

The beginning of July, Robert went to travel to the US to a Believers convention (SWBC) that I never heard of before. Upon his return though he introduced the messages of Faith to us as the sermons were recorded and uploaded to YouTube. After having viewed the first few videos, all of us where sharing different videos amongst each other that we felt were inspirational.

Someone who truly inspired me personally and someone I continue to follow until now is Jerry Savelle. The things that he was able to believe God for, which manifested without him ever telling a soul about his prayers to God, were truly encouraging.

As a result of all these sermons that we were exchanging, which stirred up all of our faith, allowing us to believe for great miracles to come. One of the greatest and most inspirational messages from Jerry Savelle for me personally is this one, as he describes his experience believing in God to supply him with an airplane: http://bit.ly/2dSAgFz

Through it I have found the confirmation that I am able to believe for all my hearts desires to manifest, such as a new car, a house that would belong to us and for my project to be funded and be realized in no time.


Light Bearers for Christ Leadership

It was also the time my wife and I were invited by Robert to form part of the leadership of LBC, which stands for Light Bearers for Christ and is the Church, God has anointed Robert with to lead and we are extremely excited to do God’s work.

Most recently and for some reason a fire lit up inside of me that created this desperate desire for me to have my own little farm in order to grow my own food in a sustainable and healthy way. I am truly inspired by this, possibly because the seed was already planted early on in my life. My Grandmother’s partner had a farm, with cows, chickens, pigs, bees and so on and every summer from the age of 6 I would spend with my Grandmother and help or at least try to help with the daily chores. For some foolish reasons I stopped going.

So just like Jerry Savelle was getting ready for the airplane that he was believing for, I turned to the internet to educate myself in the raising of poultry and the planting of foods in general and what I found out was extraordinary.

I consider myself a technologist and I love technology and the things that their developments have done to improve our lives. But for the first time I have now come across the term Permaculture through which you are able to use your livestock to prepare and fertilize the earth to ensure fruits and vegetables are able to grow under optimum conditions, which may not be technological but I find it extremely Innovative.

Through some of the documentaries that I had watched, I was already aware of Joel Salatin, who is the master of growing food in a sustainable way without enormous amounts of infrastructure yet having the greatest results using this extremely clever and innovative approach.

I have continued my search online for ways of how I might be able to replicate this way of sustainable almost even self-sufficient living and I came across the VLOG of the Rhodes Family. I have been able to learn a lot that I believe I will be able to translate to the ways I will want to run my own farm when it manifests. I believe I have learned a lot of things about raising and keeping chickens as well, which I am extremely excited about. Justin Rhodes has been extremely inspiring to me and only gives me the more reason to follow this desire because I have been able to see a different way of technological development that allow us to utilize the “traditional” methods of keeping livestock and growing fruits and vegetables in a constellation that seems far more economical and sane than the way food is produced today if you take away all the subsidies and support big industries are receiving.

The links to Justin’s website and VLOG, from which I have been able to obtain so many valuable recourses are the following: http://abundantpermaculture.com and http://bit.ly/2fjCjDS

Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Despite the fact that my farm has not yet manifested I have even started designing and building my own Chicken Coop while I am continuing to pray to God for the manifestation of providing open doors for the other projects such as my Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft, the TU 523.

I am believing that more sustainable food production the building of my Chicken Coop and ensuring the animals safe keeping may be able to turn into a separate prosperous business opportunity for me as I can see that Europe including the UK are not quite at the level of the US when it comes to the ways of food production but indications are there that point to them moving closer and closer. Yet operations under the principles of Joel Salatin, and Justin Rhodes amongst many others make complete sense to me and this should be the vision for the future for anyone producing any kind of food.

I pray that God may continue to give them the wisdom and health required in order to continue what they are doing and blessing people like me.