Hidden Destiny Pt.1

Hidden Destiny Pt.1

By In Blog, Message from our CEO On October 31, 2016

I have not written and posted anything for quite some time now and I actually have no excuse for it as there have been many things happening during the past months.

About 2 years ago, when I was at my lowest emotional point in my life and close to giving up, a very close friend, who I am also able to call my brother sent me an audio file of a sermon. I don’t remember who was preaching but as with everything, we pick out the things that we feel are important to us at the time.

So there I was being told about having FAITH with the illustration made with the simple example of planting bamboo, which apparently takes 5 years from planting to it eventually sprouting out of the ground.

I was amazed and motivated by this example because nurturing the ground, watering it and everything else that might be involved for 5 years does require a whole lot of FAITH and belief that all that work over the time will not have been for nothing.

Avocado tree

Avocado tree

So one evening my wife came back with the shopping and she had bought some avocados. I needed something that would simulate or illustrate the growth of my project to show me that things are actually happening, so before long I used the seeds from the avocados put them in water as it was described in one YouTube video and for weeks nothing really happened until the seed finally split and the root grew longer and longer and eventually the tree also started growing up. More and more leaves started growing and to cut a long story short, for me this was a very exciting and rewarding experience. In fact it was so exciting, that this summer, for the first time in my entire life, I decided to plant my own vegetables.

Over the past years I have become increasingly interested in documentaries on nature, food and healthy eating. Maybe this all was triggered through my wife’s trouble when she fell ill and all that she was able to digest was juiced vegetables and fruit. The whole family joined in juicing and I can’t say that I didn’t like it.

After multiple surgeries from which my wife recovered we received the news that she was pregnant and whilst it was a very difficult pregnancy for her, we continued juicing almost the whole time through.

imag1947By the time I turned the earth of our back garden to be able to plant anything that I had gotten my hands on, our baby was already 6 months old and I must admit I had really no clue as to what I was really doing. A friend, who regularly plants in her gardens, came to advise and help a little but I believed God for a fruitful harvest of my Tomato’s, Peppers, Courgettes, Basil, Coriander, Mint, Chives etc. etc.

I was enjoying my new chores of watering and weeding the bed and while we were waiting to be able to harvest our first ever, own grown food a lot of things have happened.

I never used to be a person who liked going to Church, in fact I never used to be a believer but God has truly showed himself to me in ways that can only be described as miraculous and although it took me a long time to take the leap and give my life to Christ, I did so on my wife’s Birthday 29.08.2015 at a Church that felt very warm and loving to me.

Although the Church itself was quite small, I didn’t realize that it was actually part of an enormous establishment. I just wanted to connect with God trust him and let him guide me. I must admit that through a new-believers class and open and honest conversations with Pastor Robert and his wife, I felt my spiritual growth and my faith in myself, my project and God’s abilities was greater than ever before.

It was only after Pastor Robert announced his resignation from the church that I came to know about the size of the congregation that reaches a vast number of countries around the globe and the true faces of so many individuals even within the leadership came to the surface that reminded me of why I didn’t like Church and being associated to being religious. It was a difficult time, as I was unable to dream and hear any direction from God and I felt lost.

After several fellowship-sessions and prayers with Pastor Robert at his house during this summer, things finally started to come back to “normal” and I was able to feel some spiritual progression…Continue reading in part 2.