Roadshow Planned Through Africa of Hybrid Electric Aircraft Prototype
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Roadshow Planned Through Africa of Hybrid Electric Aircraft Prototype

By In press release On July 18, 2016


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                              July 18, 2016

Roadshow Planned Through Africa of Hybrid Electric Aircraft Prototype

Reinhardt Technology Research is seeking funding in order to continue research and development of a new aircraft that will revolutionize the way goods are transported.   

LONDON — Reinhardt Technology Research of London announces the development of a 1:4 scale prototype of its hybrid electric aircraft—the TU 523. In 2017, a roadshow will visit 17 countries in Africa in order to raise awareness of the need for alternative transportation of goods and energy across the globe. The innovative design of the new aircraft would allow it to take off and land vertically. If successful, extensive and costly infrastructure may no longer be necessary, and developing countries may have more opportunities to grow their economies. The company is seeking funding in order to continue research and development of the prototype. A message from the company’s CEO along with a video about the project can be viewed at

“With UK’s recent Brexit, the future is uncertain but we believe that the UK or the remaining part of the EU can be successful through investment in innovations,” said Thorsten U. Reinhardt, Founder and CEO of Reinhardt Technology Research. “The market of the new aircraft was originally predicted to be developing countries due to their lack of infrastructure, but we hope for the research and development to be able to continue in the western world as well, as they will benefit from the aircraft equivalently due to the rapid growth in demand for transportation. In order to facilitate our vision for the future, we are looking for partners and investors who may share the same sentiment toward creating new economies and opportunities, especially those that help developing countries overcome their challenges.”

Currently, areas in Western Africa, such as Côte d’Ivoire, are facing struggles with limited infrastructure. Just a few years ago, the community built new roads that were supposed to last 20 years but instead only lasted 2-3 years. Reinhardt Technology Research is naming its project, “Searching the African dream,” because the company believes it can make in impact with the environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for transporting goods to the around the globe, without any limits or barriers. The TU 523 is expected to operate faster and at lower costs than conventional trucks. Software for the vertical take-off and landing has been developed and is being tested on small quadcopter prototypes. The company’s next step is to build the larger prototype.

Reinhardt Technology Research is hosting a send-off for the research team, which will take place in May of 2017. Guests can join in on wishing the explorers well before they venture through 17 countries in Africa to demonstrate the challenges of transportation to and through Africa. Goals and challenges will be shared at the event, which will take place in Leicester Square in London. Visit to learn more about the event. Reinhardt Technology Research is planning to document the production of the TU 523 prototype and record the prototype in action as it travels across Africa.

About Reinhardt Technology Research, Ltd.:

Reinhardt Technology Research strives to develop transportation solutions that are cost effective and environmentally friendly. Its main project—TU 523—is a hybrid electric aircraft that incorporates innovation in vertical take-off and landing. Reinhardt Technology Research is also developing a new energy source that allows for efficiency levels of up to 75%—the Reinhardt Turbine—which will be used in the new aircraft. To learn more about the company and its projects, visit