BREXIT and the Future of Innovation

BREXIT and the Future of Innovation

By In Message from our CEO On June 30, 2016

I can only speak for myself but the past week having been subjected to the reality of the UK having voted to leave the European Union, with political confrontations and political argumentations within the political parties as well as the news that were released by European leaders as to what their position it on negotiating with the UK on the issue.

Most disturbing are obviously the news about the vast increase of hate crimes that are making the news where immigrants can no longer feel safe in a country they have leaned to call home.

I am an immigrant myself but thankfully I have not experienced any racist acts against my family or myself. This being said though, it has become something that seems to be engraved in the back of your head now while questioning what will the future of the UK hold.

My family and I moved to the UK in the hope that we could work hand in hand develop extraordinarily innovative technologies that would benefit Britain, Europe and us of course as well.

A few years ago now, I have made a fundamental mistake that has led to the stagnation in the development of our technologies. While still believing that we are several years ahead of our time in what we have achieved up to now, the obvious question is what next. I acknowledge a sense of naivety as how I continuously believed and fought for not only the technology but also the success for it within Britain.

Is anybody going to invest in anything as innovative and revolutionary as the technology we are developing? It was hard enough trying to convince investors when the economy was somewhat stable.

People around the Globe are hungry for change. I can understand but I don’t necessarily think that the Brexit is going to satisfy that thirst for change by the British population.

Steve Jobs said: “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

Applying that quote to the current situation I don’t believe that attempting to reduce immigration amongst all the other promises made, are not going to solve the root problem that is going to make British citizens rejoice.

As for my Company and me, I don’t know what the future holds. I pray for an intervention, a sign and even a miracle that will allow us to progress and give the British public something they can be proud of again. A piece of technology, innovation and a piece of the future that is going to be based on British engineering.

Paddling the water beneath me has become increasingly difficult with the uncertainty the future holds but I am not willing to drown. My faith is strong and I believe someone will come to the rescue. Whether this rescue will be from the UK though, I am no longer so certain.