Brexit – the uncertain future

Brexit – the uncertain future

By In Message from our CEO On June 24, 2016

I was shocked to have found out about the UK’s vote to leave the EU this morning. I have always been aware of the divide between its population and maybe I can understand some people’s anger over the EU as it has some possible even many flaws.

I do believe however, the campaigns were run under false pretends. We have learned today that Nigel Farage has turned away from his previous commitment for funds that would no longer go to Europe to go to the NHS.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the UK my family and I have come to know and love so much will change drastically, possibly even to an unrecognizable stage.

I think the important thing would be not to take any rash actions but I must admit that since I didn’t expect this kind of outcome, I didn’t even consider what I would do if the UK decided to leave the EU and stand segregated. Well, last night’s vote has now forced me to consider the future of my family, my business but especially for my children.

The truth is, I was educated in the UK but with the conception of an innovative and if I may say revolutionary technology taking place in Germany only left me with great disappointment because it seemed our technology presented itself ahead of its time and did not find a way past the gigantic lobby.

Through certain circumstances having ended up working with a Latin American Government, to further develop and build an energy efficient and cost effective energy generation device for 1 ½ years, we needed to leave due to civil unrest.

That is when we needed to decide whether we continue our work in Europe or would go somewhere else.

At the time, the UK did something that attracted me to restart our lives there. David Cameron publically admitted, that the country needed new technologies & innovation to survive and I felt that this was our calling so that before you knew it, we packed all our bags and relocated to the UK once again.

Of course I didn’t realize at the time that I would have to face the same kind of lobby as I did in Germany some years before that would prevent me, and my Company to really get a fair opportunity and chance to make the UK shine.

It is my desire not only see my technology take off but demonstrate how it can positively affect the lives of so many, within the local economy and around the globe.

A lot of hate has been broadcasted around social media and unfortunately I had to read one post that claimed that allowed this person as a “leave voter” to now speak with such hatred, as it can no longer be considered racist, as the UK has decided to leave.

These kinds of comments make me very sad, as it demonstrates the racist nature that has been luring within our midst. I am aware of the legislations and rules the UK have implemented to eliminate racial expression in public but at the end of the day, such rules do not change the way people think, they just prevent people from expressing themselves, which may even be more dangerous than if people had the opportunity to express themselves. However, my fear from what I have seen already today is that this issue will escalate in the future and we will see an even greater division within the country that would result in my family and I becoming unhappy and feeling unwelcome.

I am an immigrant and my intentions, as would be those of so many other immigrants have always been to contribute towards the UK economy by working hard.

I had the vision that at some point the UK would be willing to accept our technology as groundbreaking and that British Engineering made it possible to write history once again.

I don’t know if this however, is still a possibility after today. I don’t know if I should see Brexit as an opportunity or a threat and only the developments over the next few weeks and months will hopefully clarify that.

The UK has said that it will survive even if it will leave the EU and I do think that this might be possible, the only question I have is, at which cost this will be achieved.

Equally, I also believe that the EU will survive with the UK no longer being part of this Union.

The question in all that I raise is whether the lack of innovation and its consequent lack of economic growth around the globe, the wars, killing and amount of aggression and brutality around the world, that no one has declared as our WWIII as of yet, resulted us to be where we are today.

In other words, would it have come to a Brexit if the global economic markets where stable with good growth, where people live in prosperity with enough money to live well?

Now, I understand that people will tell me, there is economic growth, innovation and development of new technologies going on continuously but I have not seen a new basis technology that has carried economies over decades such as the automobile and IT industry yet.

I will have to keep an open mind and be conscious about the changes that are about to come that will change millions of lives around the globe.

I will now go into prayer and ask for God to guide me and protect me from all evil and I also have to pray for my closest friends for the Brexit not to have any implications to them and their businesses now or in the future.