Making Peace with the Past

Making Peace with the Past

By In Message from our CEO On April 23, 2016

The recently published book “The Struggle for a Better Future” I dedicated to my father, Gert J. Reinhardt.

He has been one of the strongest and smartest man I ever known but, his vision and his brilliance may have also been the reason for his downfall.

I have dedicated the book to my father because all that we had achieved together and after his passing the things I have achieved alone was only possible because of him. All that shall be and the technologies that are to come to realization and all the innovations that I am yet to conceive have come to pass thanks to my father.

If anyone was to look at what the media wrote about my father, it does not paint a very pretty picture so I have decided to write this piece so that the last thing written about my father is not going to shine him in a negative light and the truth be told.

Surely he wasn’t perfect and who is for that matter? However, I have not known anyone who has had a bigger heart than him. He had a hard shell but he was all-soft inside. My father was an honest person who would speak his mind and he lived by “a man a word”, characteristics that are found so seldom in today’s world.

What all so many people have also seemed to have forgotten before judging him or it was simply never mentioned again was his charitable mentality handing out money to people in need, saving people from bankruptcy and financial ruin, working in partnership to open an orphanage.

Everything that my father ever had or achieved, he had to work for. Born just after WWII, the family did not have much but my father was always ambitious and he knew deep down that he was destined to do great things.

It took him approximately 20 years to build up a corporate empire that was going to revolutionize the world with his visions to bringing previously unseen knowledge to the people.

Unfortunately it only took a proportion of the time and a deceiving plan together with some coinciding events for him to loose all that he had worked for. It took minutes or even seconds for my father’s legacy to be destroyed and in fact no-one talks about his brilliance in transforming an idea into reality anymore. He has been forgotten and no one honors his achievements and prefers to look the other way and leave the past behind.

However, all those living in a comfortable position, living a high life, are enjoying this because of my father.

Now I am not looking for justice to prevail here. The only true justice in today’s world can be seen through God’s Grace and surely the day will come where God will look at all our balance sheets and do right to all those who have been done wrong.

If these events had not happen though, I must admit I would not know who I would be but for sure the developing world would miss out on the opportunity to have access to our technology – The TU 523, available now that has the capability of revolutionizing the way transportation of goods is conducted in the future by being faster, easier and more cost effective and in addition is scalable to meet the increasing demand for goods transportation around the globe.

My father was incapable of thinking small and his visions were always driven to improve and empower people’s lives. Not everyone who surrounded him was able to share his vision, which is why we are where we are today.

Having written and documented my experiences through “The Struggle for a Better Future”, I have now finally been able to make peace with the past and I am able to move forward with the hope that my father is resting in peace knowing, that his legacy is being carried on.

To a brilliant man, who has suffered so much over his lifetime, being tormented because of what he wanted to achieve!

You shall always be missed.

God will give me the strength and protection to finish what we have started and there will surely come a day where we will see a world with greater equality, less hate and where we can live in abundance and be joyful.

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