Stop the Corruption

Stop the Corruption

By In Message from our CEO On January 26, 2016

The continuous corruption and engaging in transactions of personal interest within our Governments and cooperation to fill their pockets and gain more power MUST STOP!!!

It has been one year since my initial meeting with the Ivorian Embassy in London. However, we had to find alternative routes to get our proposal to the countries Prime Minister, who saw great promise in the technology and asked a local administrator to distribute our document around the cabinet and those, involved in the dry port construction and administration for discussion.

One year on and numerous attempts to contact this administrator, who rejects to respond to our attempts to get in touch with him in order to find out what is going on, while at the same time inviting me to connect on LinkedIn as if nothing was wrong.

I have done extensive research on the Ivory Coast and I have committed myself to making this country great. The situation that has presented itself to me is not something I am unfamiliar with.

As always, I can only write from my own experiences to say it as it is and hope that the right people might get to read this, who might have an interest in this.

It was in 2009, when Bolivia’s President Evo Morales announced that he would host his own climate conference in April 2010, as countries were unwilling to commit to saving our planet earth at the UNFCCC Meeting.

I saw it as a good opportunity, for Bolivia and us. Bolivia until today is the poorest country in Latin America and Evo Morales might have had the will to change and even turn around the effects on climate change but he surely had no answer of how to do it technologically speaking.

I flew out there with my wife in July 2010 after the Climate conference flopped terribly to see if we could wake an interest within the Government.

Some may categorise it as a flaw, as I get extremely emotionally attached as after the first 4 weeks in Bolivia, with all the information I had gathered and the heartbreaking things I got to see, I was determined to come back to continue in this pursuit to address the problem and more importantly a solution to Evo Morales through our technology.

Through several meetings with Colonels and high ranking Generals, in which I would tear up every time, when it came to the future of their people, we would start a collaboration between an elite engineering University and the Military in order to present a bigger and better prototype of our green & energy efficient generator to Evo Morales.

Reinhardt Turbine

However, for some reason some politicians, Colonels as well as Generals saw us as a threat and were accusing us of wanting to steal the countries lithium recourses and tried everything in their power to put barriers in place that would hinder us to succeed in our goal, which was sincerely aimed to aid Bolivia’s economic stability.

The project was taken out of the Presidents Agenda several times and only throughout our determination and the support from those within Government who believed in us did our proposal reach the President.

I may have been naïve to think that we would not face an opposition because we wanted to do something good for the country but having come so close in the midst of a political arena, I came to realize that it was not in everybody’s interest for Bolivia to flourish. What Madness!

According to sources, at some point after having met the president personally and having presented him with our proposal, our mobile phones were tapped and the investigations as to our motives to be in the country were heightened.

Yet I kept on fighting for what I believed in and had high hopes that the President would understand. However, after civil unrest unraveled after the 26th December 2010, things changed.

It became the most terrifying and scary moments of my life as for example one day driving to a meeting with a General our taxi was being attacked by other taxi drivers who were on strike and were attempting to enforce it on all their colleagues.

Reinhardt Turbine TeamThe decision to leave the country and with it, to wake up from the dream to make a vital change, which was something that all those who we were working with understood, was heart breaking.

Not only because I didn’t succeed, I felt guilty having left those who believed in us behind. Unfortunately it seems that nothing has changed much since then.

Later my wife told me that someone had asked her, whilst still in Bolivia, how much we had to pay to meet the President to which she responded nothing.

What my wife then told me shocked me. A Japanese Company wanting to build a whole industry in the country but the person of first contact demanded US$50,000 for the service of presenting the proposal to Evo Morales.

This is not how things should work and it must STOP, Governments should work in the interest of its country and its underprivileged part of the population and take to heart that there is always an alternative route.

Having worked in many countries in my lifetime, where I could see similar behaviour to the one in Bolivia, I have come to the conclusion that Bolivia is everywhere.

Yet I continue in faith…!