Reinhardt Technology Research Offers to License Its Transport Technology to Governments
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Reinhardt Technology Research Offers to License Its Transport Technology to Governments

By In press release On October 26, 2015


London, UK – There is one UK company that is taking a rather unconventional approach to reducing the pressures of transporting goods within developing countries by offering governments the opportunity to license its technology.

This company is called Reinhardt Technology Research Ltd. (RTR). The company’s mission is, and always has been, to take away the burdens from deprived countries in the world, such as India and Africa. These disadvantaged areas are facing the challenging task of transporting goods, such as food and water, on bad roads or on roads that have not yet been constructed. Astonishingly, more than 60% of their populations do not have access to energy. If you discount the north African Countries and South Africa, this figure rises to above 70%

To make these economies more successful and alleviate them of the weight of commercial transport issues, RTR is currently offering to license its technology with adequate training to governments of developing countries. The goal of this approach is to empower the governments to build their own economy around the energy and transportation sector.

The company’s unique strategy will hopefully enable these struggling countries to build a hub for the next generation of innovation and technology. The approach has the potential to bring commercial technology to the people, accessible to all and provide them with more stable economies. The establishment of strong and successful economies is hopefully what results in those regions.

Reinhardt Technology Research offers its exciting proposal across Africa and India amidst increasing interest in its development of a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft. Its VTOL craft called TU 523, could be built within the next three years. The aircraft design allows it to identify its freight accurately, land on it, connect to it and transport it to eventually drop it off at its designated destination in a fast and cost-effective manner.

The company is also preparing for talks with universities and politicians to discuss the benefits of looking beyond conventional infrastructure to VTOL methods and how to improve commercial transportation in general. The goal is to provide the audience the substantial advantages over the next five years of putting strategies in place now to solve transportation issues in developing countries. And RTR technology can do exactly that.

About Reinhardt Technology Research

Rethink commercial transportation with Reinhardt Technology Research Ltd. The company is providing revolutionary new ways to design and implement VTOL transport; it is a leader in the transport industry, particularly in developing countries, such as Africa and India.

The company is a subsidiary of Reinhardt Technology Holdings Company. It was founded by Thorsten U. Reinhardt in 2003 to develop deep solutions to meet the challenges of transportation, infrastructure, and crucial energy in the UK and many other areas of the world. It is creating innovations in aircraft technology, such as the TU 523. Look to the skies to see the possibilities for transport with RTR.


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