Reinhardt Technology Research Designs Revolutionary VTOL Aircraft

Reinhardt Technology Research Designs Revolutionary VTOL Aircraft

By In press release On August 17, 2015


Rochester UK, 12.08.2015 – A new aircraft with VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) abilities is changing the very nature of commercial transportation, particularly in developing countries that do not have adequate infrastructure.

This VTOL craft is called the TU 523. It is the brainchild of Reinhardt Technology Research Ltd. (RTR), which dedicates itself to helping solve transportation issues, as well as challenges to infrastructure and crucial energy.

The TU 523 is a large aircraft propelled by electric turbines, RTR’s hybrid energy power system, and a generator that works with high efficiency. Bypassing conventional infrastructures, many of which are overcrowded in areas such as South Africa, the TU 523 can identify, pick up, transport, and drop off shipping containers with speed and precision.

The technology is making VTOL transport accessible to everyone, even in developing areas. Accessibility is high as the craft’s costs are comparable to the current truck and lorry costs.

Any TU 523 that gets created will be able to operate in formation with others of the same type by using control algorithms and responsive propulsion systems that provide it with error-free formations every time. The benefit here is that travel lengths can increase by a maximum of 60 percent.

The unique craft it can be made within three years as the technology in the design is available now. The aircraft can be mass-produced within the country that will use it, which helps improve the local economy by creating jobs.

It is also good for the climate with its highly efficient operation 95% of the time, thanks to the lightweight generator. Plus, it is not impeding on struggling infrastructure in India and other regions of the world.

The TU 523 is redefining the VTOL concept, helping the climate, and taking away issues from overwhelmed infrastructures. Rather than spending large amounts of money to rebuild roadways, the commercial aircraft provides an excellent example of VTOL transport that can be used for decades to come. That means a lot of time and money is saved in many countries.

For early adopters of the TU 523, these companies will enjoy delivery of goods from port to destination fast and cheaply. The future of the freight industry is exciting and extends beyond the capabilities of conventional infrastructure.

About Reinhardt Technology Research

Now is the time to revolutionise VTOL transport, and Reinhardt Technology Research is leading the way. The company is a subsidiary of Reinhardt Technology Holdings Company. It was founded by Thorsten Reinhardt in 2003 to develop deep solutions to meet the challenges of transportation, infrastructure, and crucial energy in the UK and many other areas of the world. It is creating innovations in aircraft technology, such as the TU 523. Look to the skies to see the possibilities for transport.


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