Hello and welcome to RTR

We develop effective solutions for energy and goods networks.

RTR is dedicated to developing highly innovative and disruptive technologies to deliver an energy efficient, cost effective transportation solution to those areas of the world where there is limited or no infrastructure.

We are doing this through the ongoing development of energy generation, and energy storage devices as well as utilizing these core elements to develop the first commercially viable Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft.

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“Local and national economies, as well as and especially developing countries, are today struggling to meet the ever-increasing demands for transportation infrastructure for goods and energy. A viable solution will generate huge economic and social benefits for these countries.

–Thorsten U. Reinhardt

We understand the issues

The logistics involved in moving cargo in areas of the world where infrastructure either doesn’t exist or is economically unviable is a huge challenge for emerging economies around the world.

We have the technology

Our approach provides cost effective and commercially viable vertical take-off and transition to horizontal flight. The technical innovations make VTOL possible without heavy motorized tilting mechanisms.


  • Thorsten U. Reinhardt

    I have made it my mission to develop technology that will help developing countries emerge and enable them to become strong and stable economies.

    Thorsten U. Reinhardt, CEO at Reinhardt Technology Research Ltd.
  • Aime Ake Okpo

    I have pledged my allegiance to this project, as I have never seen a company with greater vision to deliver equally unique solution to the developing world with its human approach to release the economic dependence of the developing world.

    Aime Ake Okpo, Business Development Executive at Reinhardt Technology Research Ltd.